Trader Joe’s Review: Almond Butter Almonds

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Trader Joe’s has taken almonds to a new level with their Almond Butter Almonds. Read on to see if you should buy a bag!

Plain almonds don’t do it for me. In nut mixes, I usually pick around them and will even eat the peanuts before the almonds.

These Almond Butter Almonds looked interesting, though. I mean, adding a layer of chocolate makes almonds so much better so maybe sweetened almond butter would have the same effect.

One of the almonds bitten in half to show the inside.

These almonds were delicious! They are the perfect mix of sweet and salty and the slightly soft coating is a nice contrast to the crunch of the almond inside. My kids and husband love them, too!

I have a bad habit of buying myself a “treat” for the car ride home from Trader Joe’s and these have become my go-to. It was so hard to not break into this bag so that I could take pictures once I got home!

The nutrition facts and ingredients for Almond Butter Almonds.

Nutritional Information for Trader Joe’s Almond Butter Almonds

One serving of Trader Joe’s Almond Butter Almonds is a 1/4 cup, with 8 servings in the entire bag, which isn’t bad if you have more self-control than I do. This treat is a little high in fat and sugar, but that isn’t surprising given this is a sweetened nut product.

Each 8 ounce bag is $3.99, which is a little higher than I usually pay for my treats, but sometimes you have to sacrifice for true love.

There are quite a few allergy warnings beyond the obvious “almond”. The coating also contains dairy, and there may also be traces of soy, wheat, and several other nuts. If you have food allergies, make sure you read the warning closely so you don’t have a reaction.

Verdict: 10/10

I love these enough that I say a little prayer every now and then that Trader Joe’s never discontinues this product. If you like sweet and salty, I bet you’ll love these, too!

Have you tried Trader Joe’s Almond Butter Almonds? Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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