Trader Joe’s Review: Coconut Crispy Rolls

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Trader Joe’s new Coconut Crispy Rolls wafer cookies are light, crispy rolled cookies that are perfect for an easy treat.

I first saw these coconut cookies on the Instagram feed for Trader Joe’s List. When I saw that these were gluten-free and had fairly clean ingredients, I knew I had to give them a try.

Trader Joe's Coconut Crispy Rolls inside packaging

When you first open the box, the packaging looks like something astronauts would take into space. Also, it is not easy to open. Don’t think you’re going to break into these in the car and eat them on the way home unless you travel with a knife or scissors.

The cookies themselves are nicely crispy thanks to that NASA technology. Called thong muan in Thailand, Coconut Crispy Rolls have a light coconut taste that is not overwhelming. They are only slightly sweet. Overall, the flavor is pleasant.

Trader Joe's Coconut Crispy Rolls Closeup

If you didn’t look closely at the packaging, you might have thought these were filled. They are not. As you can see, they are completely hollow.

Nutritional Information for Coconut Crispy Rolls

Trader Joe's Coconut Crispy Rolls Nutrition Facts

At 10 cookies per serving, these are a great treat. Finally a package of cookies that don’t require me to have self-control!

Trader Joe's Coconut Crispy Rolls Ingredients List

The ingredients are super clean! And as I mentioned, these do not contain any gluteny ingredients. They do contain egg, coconut and may contain traces of milk and almond, so be mindful of that if those are concerns for you.

Verdict: Recommend!

Overall, these are a nice, light, slightly sweet treat. I think they would be even better, though, if you dipped them in something like the Cocoa Almond Spread.

Have you tried the Coconut Crispy Rolls? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

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2 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Review: Coconut Crispy Rolls”

  1. Thanks for the review! Quick correction – you got the serving size and servings per container switched around – it’s actually 10 cookies per serving with 2.5 servings per box. Also I just bought these and they’re delicious- perfect with a cup of coffee but twice as good dipped in ice cream or speculoos.


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