Trader Joe’s Review: Taco Seasoning Mix

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Trader Joe’s Taco Seasoning Mix makes Taco Tuesdays (or any day) a breeze!

We make something involving taco meat every week. Tacos, salads, Tater Tot Nachos…I’m up for putting taco meat on just about anything!

When Trader Joe’s came out with their taco seasoning mix, I was ecstatic. Up until that point, I had been cobbling together my own seasoning mix in an effort to avoid the less-than-desirable ingredients in most mixes. But I’m lazy and always short on time, so a packet that has clean ingredients and is only $.79 was a dream-come-true.

Trader Joe's Taco Seasoning Mix Front Package

Each packet, if made according to the directions, is enough for two pounds of beef. For most families, this means each packet is good for two meals, which makes Trader Joe’s Taco Seasoning Mix even more economical.

The recipe on the packet calls for combining half of the packet with ground beef and onion and then adding a 14-ounce container of tomatoes or tomato sauce. This stuff is hot, y’all, and the first time I made it according to the directions it set my whole head on fire. Normally I love spicy food, but this was too much for me and my kids wouldn’t touch it. So I recommend only using 3 or 4 teaspoons instead of half of the packet. You’ll still get plenty of flavor without all of the pain.

Nutritional Information for Trader Joe’s Taco Seasoning Mix

Trader Joes Taco Seasoning Mix Nutrition Facts and Ingredients List

Like most seasoning mixes, Trader Joe’s version contains a fair amount of sodium and some sugar, which means if you’re on Whole30, or trying to avoid either of those, you’re still stuck making your own.

The ingredients list is pretty clean, though, and there are no mystery ingredients. As usual for a Trader Joe’s brand product, there are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Bonus points for all of you allergy sufferers out there – this taco seasoning is gluten-, nut-, and dairy-free!

Verdict: Recommend!

While I think this seasoning mix is way too hot if made according to the directions, you can use less and still get a delicious end result. I use this at least once a week, and absolutely love it!

Have you tried Trader Joe’s Taco Seasoning Mix? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

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20 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Review: Taco Seasoning Mix”

  1. I made taco soup with it and I normally use 2 taco seasoning packets (or the equivalent amount if I’m mixing up my own mix) but I only put one TJ’s packet. It was WAY too spicy! I was about to put in a second packet before I tasted it, I’m SO GLAD I didn’t. The soup is barely tolerable and I’m the only one that will eat it! It should come with a warning label! I added in lime chips and half an avocado on my bowl, just so I could eat it!

    • I used the whole packet for one pound of beef. I didn’t read the directions. Every packet of taco seasoning I’ve ever bought is one packet for one pound. Totally ruined my dinner. Disgusting. Not a fan. Sort of my fault I guess but this is not an item I’m used to stretching my dollar on. Trader Joe’s really annoyed me with this one.

  2. I used one packet with a bag of cauliflower. I love hot so thought it was perfect. A little too hot for my friends. I find all TJ products don’t exaggerate when they say spicy or hot. Most other companies make false spicy claims

  3. Omg I literally felt the spice exuding from my skin after one bite and immediately got heartburn. This seasoning is WAY too spicy. I do not recommend at all.

  4. This is the best!! I make an 8qt. crock pot of beans with; 4lbs. of ground beef, 3 diced sweet onions, sliced fresh mushrooms, 3 kinds of beans (Pinto/Black/Kidney), small can of minced jalapenos, (not drained if you want it extra hot), diced green chilies and diced tomatoes…my friends and neighbors always ask for more. I use from 1 to 2 packets of Trader Joe’s Taco Seasoning Mix depending on how spicy I want it to be. The smell of the crock slow cooking several hours is wonderful!


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