Trader Joe’s Review: Ube Mochi Pancake & Waffle Mix

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Purple yams and rice flour combine to form Trader Joe’s new Ube Mochi Pancake & Waffle Mix. Read on to see if you should grab a box!

This pancake and waffle mix has been taking social media by storm! I mean, how could you not get excited about purple pancakes and waffles that are also gluten-free? So when I saw the display at my Trader Joe’s I just had to get in on the frenzy.

The batter is so pretty! Thanks to coloring from red cabbage and radishes, it is a gorgeous pale purple.

The pancake batter is a lovely purple color

You’ll need 1-3 eggs and 1-3 tablespoons of oil and butter to prepare the batter, depending on how many servings you want to make. I made the entire package according to the directions which made the 12 pancakes the box said it would. There are also directions for making less if you’re not making breakfast for a crowd like I was.

The cooking instructions for Trader Joe's Ube Mochi Pancake and Waffle Mix

The pancakes had a really interesting texture. They were slightly crispy on the outside and soft and slightly chewy on the inside. Unfortunately, the purple color did not survive cooking and the cooked pancakes were more of a grayish-blue.

A close-up of the inside of Ube Mochi pancakes with the whole pancakes in the background

As far as flavor goes, these were delicious. They were a little sweet and tasted like, well – ube. My kids had them with butter and syrup, but I drizzled mine with a little almond butter. I could also see the waffle version being fantastic in chicken and waffles or as the base for some gluten-free eggs benedict.

The ingredients and nutrition facts for Trader Joe's Ube Mochi Pancake and Waffle Mix

Nutrition Information for Trader Joe’s Ube Mochi Pancake & Waffle Mix

A serving size is 2 pancakes or 1 waffle, with 6 servings in the entire package. One serving has 310 calories.

With this mix being mainly a combination of starchy rice and ube, it’s no surprise that each serving packs a walloping 53 grams of carbohydrates. If that is a concern for you, you’d best stay away.

Ube Mochi Pancake & Waffle Mix is labeled gluten-free. There is no dairy in the mix, so as long as you use oil to make them, this product is dairy-free as well.

Like all Trader Joe’s products, this mix does not contain artificial flavors, preservatives, or colorings.

An overhead view of Ube Mochi pancakes with a melting pat of butter on top

Verdict: Recommend!

These pancakes were delicious and were just different enough to be a fun addition to our weekend breakfast. They are selling out fast, though, so be sure to grab a box if you see one at your Trader Joe’s.

Have you tried Trader Joe’s Ube Mochi Pancake & Waffle Mix? Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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  1. I just finished my first box! I have made 3 batches for myself and it took 2 cooking sessions to finish a 3/4 cup mix portion. Loved them! Yes so pretty 💜. I liked the texture- crispy edges and soft chewy interior. Flavor was ube I think – been a long time since I had real ube.


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